I've been cosplaying casually since 2007 but recently been working hard to raise my game! I usually attend London MCM Expo but try to get to a few more events and meets where I can!

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My goal for MCM Expo

(tl;dr - compliment as many people as I can)

I’ve been reading a lot over the past few weeks about cosplayers being harassed and bullied. Because someone doesn’t like the series/character they’re cosplaying or because they don’t match the exact body size or hair colour or don’t want to wear contact lenses or whatever bullshit reason. 

There’s been the Cosplay Is Not Consent project. There’s the warning about someone getting cosplayers to strip during a fake interview. And then yesterday I read this little comic.

It pisses me the hell off. People wear outfits of a character they love and go to an event where they hope to meet like-minded fans only to be made to feel horrible about themselves because assholes think it’s okay to shout horrible slurs and make sexual advances (tip: it’s not okay at all under any circumstances ever).

So here is what I want to do for this coming MCM Expo in London and any other fan conventions I go to.

I want to compliment as many people as I possibly can.

I don’t care who you’re cosplaying or what your skill level is. I’ll probably try and compliment people even if they’re not in costume. If they’re wearing a cute dress or a cool shirt. I want to tell them so. I often find myself thinking things like ‘hey, nice shirt’ or ‘that’s great job styling that wig’ or ‘wonderful fabric’. So why don’t I start actually saying that to people? Just a little passing compliment to try and brighten their day a bit.

Thing is I do get a shy so I’m not sure how much I’ll actually do. But hopefully once I get going it’ll get easier. Because I want to do this. It’s a small thing but it also just seems a nice thing to do.

Feel free to join me in this.

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