I've been cosplaying casually since 2007 but recently been working hard to raise my game! I usually attend London MCM Expo but try to get to a few more events and meets where I can!

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Aramis shirt progress! I might have gotten a little more done but my overlocker has decided it’s had enough for today (temperamental machines that they are). I was especially happy to find a lace trim for the collar and cuffs which looks a lot like that used for the actual costume.

All I still need to do is overlock the sleeve seams, do the cuffs, neaten the ends of the trim and hem the bottom. I’m so pleased with how this is turning out so far! :D

I always recommend trying on pieces of fabric you’ve pinned together before sewing to check the fit (keep checking the fit as much as you can), but always be super careful if you need to pull the garment over your head. This coming from someone who almost took their eye out with a pin at 9:30 on a Monday morning.

Mocks up for the jacket and trousers! I’m using Simplicity 4923 and they’ll need a few alterations. On the jacket the sleeves need to be thinner, there’s the extra bits which go over his shoulders and it needs six flappy bits at the bottom instead of four. The trousers need to be lengthened and I need to make alterations for the little vent bit he seems to have at the bottoms of the legs, also alter for buttons and waistband. Surprisingly I think the trousers need more altering than the jacket.

But I have the fabric for the trousers so I can start those next week. Just need to find for the jacket.

wolfofmagdeburg replied to your photo“Going to start working on the… bum dagger? That dagger they have round…”
If I hear the phrase ‘bum dagger’ said irl at a con I will be useless for the rest of the weekend


(to be fair, very unlikely because I’ll get as far as opening my mouth to say it before collapsing on the floor because I laugh so easily and hard at my own pathetic humour)

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12 simple rules to have fun doing cosplay without hurting anybody (especially yourself) by secondlina

Over the con season, I spoke to SO many cosplayers. It made me want to draw this. So that the new generation of cosplayers have a little guide. This is not just how to make a costume. This is also about how to keep yourself feeling good at a con, how to interact with other con goers and how to interact with webcomic artist and merch folks. 

Please feel free to add to this list of recommendations. 

Thanks Isa! This is super!

My own input, mostly regarding rules 4 & 7, sometimes carrying stuff (even a totebag) or leaving a hand “normal” isn’t a reasonable option in some costumes. For these costumes, have a place where you can go back, dress down, and store your gear after a few hours on the con floor. Do not try to handle people or merchandise while wearing body paint or appendages that can potentially do damage. If you can’t carry stuff or need help getting around, make sure you’ve arranged in advance for a friend (or a sequence of friends) to act as your handler while wearing the costume.

#8 addendum. Don’t block hallways or walkways (even if you don’t think it’s a particularly important area). If someone can’t follow you out of a traffic zone for a photo, don’t stop for them. It’s too easy to end up with a crowd of photogs once one starts.

I’m steadily working my way through the diamond parts of Aramis’ bracers but damn I will be glad to complete that particular part. Because each one is so small and fiddly, the way I have to keep hold of them while stitching all the way around the edge ends up giving me shooting pains from the tips of my fingers right up to my elbows. But so far it’s quite a small pain, not enough to immobilise me or make me think I need to get anything checked out, but that’s still why I’m only doing one per evening at the moment.

Did most of the belt pouch for Aramis today! The belt pouch is where I think he keeps his bullets. I, however, shall probably keep money, those business cards some people give you and candy in mine.

It’s made of pleather left over from Gwaine and was fairly simple to make once I figured out the pattern and how it comes together. Just waiting on some eyelets, then I need a button and I think I’ll take in the bottom of the bag as well.

Also, shout-out to me for remembering to make sure it would fit the belt I’m wearing it on!

I’ve sent my form to enter Morgana into the MCM London masquerade this October!! Last year I left it too long and didn’t get a spot for entering Maleficent, so fingers crossed this time!

To do list for costume:

- better the embroidery

- fix up some of those iffier hems

- give the chiffon overlay a rolled hem

- fix up belt

- maybe make that forehead tikka from the reference images I’m using